Helixworks Recognised Internationally

Where do you go for support when your idea seems to be out of this world!?

Nimesh Chandra of Helixworks went to The Rubicon Centre in Cork Institute of Technology and has never looked back.

Helixworks was founded by Nimesh Chandra and Sachin Chalapati in 2013. Working within the exciting and burgeoning area of DNA storage, the two have progressed their business rapidly since enrolling on the New Frontiers programme. The long term aim for Helixworks and DNA storage is to one day offer the ability to store vast quantities of information into the very essence of life itself, and preserve it for potentially millions of years.

One of the major progressions in Nimesh’s venture came when Helixworks was selected as one of just 13 start-ups for for IndieBio EU (now RebelBio) in 2016. As Ireland’s only entry into the start-up pitch competition at this year’s SXSW, Helixworks is now also celebrating being named the event’s most innovative company.

As part of the competition, Helixworks demoed its latest device, the MoSS 2.0, to show digital data being coded into DNA in real time using its open source program. In its current state, Helixworks said that the MoSS process helps to ease the financial burden of trying to put data onto DNA. Its system transfers at a cost of $0.005 per byte with an areal data density of 2.5 petabytes per sq mm. The company will now continue the development of its open source Molecular Storage System (MoSS), aiming to power future DNA storage systems.

The New Frontiers programme has given Nimesh’s business real structure. Not only does he now have great technology, he also has an investment grade business plan and pitch deck and an ability to effectively present all three. He is ready to do business!”

New Frontiers Cork is now accepting expressions of interest for Phase 1 and Phase 2 on https://www.rubiconcentre.ie/how-to-start-your-own-business/

Today is the day to start your journey.

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