The internet of things: A decade of Research and Development brought Ian Matthews to his business idea, – here he tells his story: the start-up that offers the ultimate solution for the Internet of Things!

Ian Matthews from Youghal formed in April 2016 as a result of his R&D into energy harvesting solutions for Internet of Things applications at Bell Labs (Nokia). His 10 years experience in academic and industrial R&D of energy technologies including solar cells, printed electronics and energy efficient buildings has culminated in a patented, transformative indoor solar cell technology, bringing the high-efficiency and reliability of space-age technology to buildings. Wattz powers wireless, discreet and reliable Internet of Things (Iot) sensor nodes.

Almost 2 billion wireless sensors will be installed in buildings by 2021 but this technology is reliant on batteries that must be replaced on a regular basis. While batteries are a low-cost option, the expense of rolling a truck to replace them is considerable. With Wattz you will never have to replace a battery again. Ambicells enable multi-year lifetime wireless sensor nodes in buildings, removing battery maintenance costs and creating a scalable, powerful and reliable Internet of Things.

The main target market for Wattz when it officially launched this Autumn will be manufacturers of wireless sensors including Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Helium, Thermokon, etc.

Speaking of his experience of the New Frontiers Programme, Ian says, “New Frontiers has given me invaluable insight into how to run a business. As a technical founder, the training in lean customer development, financial planning, marketing and raising finance were a huge help to me.”


Best advice you have ever received?

Ask your potential customers what their problems are; then solve them.

Your advice to young entrepreneurs?

Start as early as possible. Do something small, sell things online, make things and sell them, just get out there and get any sort of selling experience so that when you launch your first company you already know the basics.

What advice you would give yourself if starting all over again?

Move quicker, entrepreneurship involves constantly iterating and improving your product and service based on customer feedback. Decisions need to be made and executed quickly to get to something customers want before you run out of money.


Want your idea to flourish? Make it happen!


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