Cumas SECAD Female Entrepreneurship Programme



The Rubicon Centre – CIT, in conjunction with SECAD; is offering female entrepreneurs the opportunity to focus on their business ideas in a structured group environment.

The programme will focus on:

  • Personal motivation & goal setting
  • Business mentoring
  • Presentation skills & confidence building
  • Support in preparing a business plan
  • Utilising social media
  • Also, did we mention it’s FREE?

Apply Online

This Female Entrepreneurship programme will be run, two mornings per week over seven weeks, allowing participants to balance family commitments while also planning and developing their business ventures. The programme will commence shortly. Currently Recruiting for the next Programme

    Please choose all that apply to your current employment situation. Please note: to be eligible to participate you must be in receipt of a social welfare payment OR not working but not receiving any social welfare OR self-employed but on a low income.
  • Terms & Conditions

    Terms and Conditions of Enquiry.

    1. I Give permission to be contacted by the Rubicon Centre at the above contact details. I understand the idea will not be disclosed to anyone other than a member of the Rubicon Centre staff, unless without my prior permission.

    2. The Rubicon Centre reserve the right not to proceed with your enquiry.

    3. That you are authorised to disclose the business idea for the purposes of seeking either business and or technical advice.


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