Client Testimonials

“A great programme run by great people!
Starting a new business is like walking into a dark room. Your eyes slowly adjust. You see three doors. Which one do you choose? You don’t have enough information to make a decision so you end up guessing.
Now imagine walking into a second room.
Here stand members of the Rubicon Centre, with torches in hand.
They guide you to the correct door, point out all the obstacles along the way and even tell you what to expect beyond the next door. In the next room you know exactly where to go!
Thanks to the tremendous help and support of the Rubicon Centre and the New Frontiers Programme, I was thrilled to be given the best opportunity possible to make our business happen, and become a viable global product.
It’s great to see in the dark.

Paul Shannon, Owner, Digihab –

“The New Frontiers Programme not only gave me the time to further develop the company, it pushed me forward and provided me with the other necessary tools to develop my company. Without the New Frontiers Programme my company would not be in the position it is now. My thanks must extend to all of the staff in CIT’s Rubicon Centre for making this such a worthwhile program. They are always approachable and assist in any way they can. Thank you so much!

Frank Riedewald, Owner, Composite Recycling –

“As someone who has worked on a self-employed basis since the age of 16, it was with some hesitation that I signed up for the New Frontiers Programme. As an old dog I questioned whether or not it was right for me. Now I am more than happy that I decided to apply for the Programme and I was lucky enough to be accepted. All phases of the New Frontiers Programme provided me not only with financial support, but also with mentoring and training, which were of the highest calibre. I learned about funding options available to start-ups and many other skills that entrepreneurs need on their journey to building a successful enterprise.
There is also a great sense of fellowship – to be on your journey with other start-up promoters who are establishing their ventures. The bond that has been created within our group is one that is set to last for many years. It is also a great resource for advice and the occasional helping hand.
My advice to any prospective entrepreneur is to grab this opportunity with both hands and embrace it fully. Become immersed in the environment as we did here in CIT’s Rubicon Centre. Embrace the process with an open mind and use it to your full advantage. The Programme Manager is downstairs, so advice and support is always on hand required. Being based in the Rubicon Centre I can knock on the door of any member of the support team. There is always a smile, great advice and the odd cup of coffee. Also the support of fellow entrepreneurs is on tap.
This has been one of my most positive business experiences to date. If you have a business idea and you are wondering where to go, wonder no more. New Frontiers is the Programme for you!”

Tony McCarthy, Owner, Adapptise –

“Developing GroupBooked into a market leading resource for organising events for private groups has always been a key goal for us. Having completed Phase 2 of the New Frontiers Programme we now understand why such programmes are often termed “accelerators”. The amount we have learned and the experiences that we have gained during the Programme is amazing.
As part of the programme, which runs for six months, we were provided with fantastic support from the team in CIT’s Rubicon Centre and from the wide variety of people that we came into contact with on the programme. Additionally, with 11 other businesses on the programme, it feels like we have already grown our team given the amount of support and advice on offer. In the often lonely world of entrepreneurship this positive and supportive environment is something you just couldn’t buy.
For anyone prone to a whinge and a moan about the country, the economy, the government, etc., you only need to take a look at this state funded initiative to see that there are some fantastic efforts being made to create a brighter future. We are proud to have been selected as one of the 12 businesses on CIT’s New Frontiers Programme and we know already that this is going to be of incredible value to GroupBooked’s future.”

Andrew Kingston, Owner,GroupBooked –

“The aim of the New Frontiers Programme is to get first clients on-board or be investor ready by the end of the six month period. In TIC’s case we achieved both. We started the New Frontiers Programme with our ready to market software, BizTweet, which enabled us to focus on business development. During the programme I am very proud to say that our achievements were incredible. We won a global award for passenger innovation at IATA’s WPS Conference in San Diego, our first client is the largest international passenger airport in the world, Dubai Airports, and we raised Enterprise Ireland funding via the Competitive Start Fund. Any one of these achievements would significantly help any business, but I would never have envisaged all three! It is without doubt the team at the Rubicon Centre, who deliver the New Frontiers Programme, were instrumental in achieving such success. Thank you!

Paul Brugger, Owner, TIC –

“The Rubicon Centre offers a unique environment – a collective of fresh-thinking entrepreneurial businesses willing to share and learn from each other, excellent linkage with third level academic institutions, and a network of experienced business mentors whose brains are there to be picked.”

Pat Lucey, Managing Director, AspiraCon Ltd –

“The Rubicon Centre offers us a modern, progressive & dynamic working environment, with excellent network opportunities both on-site and externally. A wealth of professional experience is always on hand & the atmosphere is conducive to the free flow of ideas”

Jerry O’Brien, Managing Director,

“The Genesis program has increased my chances of success substantially. The network of support from the Programme Managers in the Rubicon Centre as well as your peers in the GEP program is invaluable. Every possible assistance is given to you if you are part of an incubation program like this and the Enterprise Boards and Enterprise Ireland will get involved early on.”

Ciara Crossan, Managing Director, Wedding –

“The Rubicon Centre is a valuable resource for early stage businesses in need of support, in particular technology start ups which need much development to be brought to market. As well as the essential support of incubation space and access to the expertise of mentors and trainers, The Rubicon Centre provides a positive and motivational environment for people who are committed to developing a successful business.”

Adrienne Rodgers, Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office Cork City –

“The Rubicon Centre is an ideal location for start-up companies. With a world class IT and security systems, excellent meeting facilities and flexible office configuration it also provides a fertile environment for seeking advice from peers and business experts.”

Kevin Hoban, Director, H2Compliance –

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